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February 11, 2016

11 gal pals that have influenced my life for the better

“To be sisters implies that there is an unbreakable bond between us.” – Bonnie L. Oscarson

Guys, I love my girlfriends. Seriously. I cherish my female friendships more than almost anything in this world. I don’t know where I would be without them.

I feel a pang of sadness when I hear girls say “that’s why I’m not friends with girls” or “I hate girls” – and I’ve been there, believe me. As great as it is to be friends with guys, nothing can replace the amazing sisterhood you feel between gal pals.

With Galentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to spotlight just a few of my lovely lady friends (in no particular order).

1.       My mother: The older I get, the more I realize that I am becoming my mom. I am so grateful for her influence in my life. She is so strong, independent, and resilient. She has not had an easy life at all, but she has done her best to be a transitional character and help make me and my siblings’ lives better than what she got. She is hard working, ambitious, and doesn’t let anything hold her back. Not to toot my own horn, but I see a lot of that in myself, and I hope and I can come to possess these characteristics as elegantly as she does in this lifetime.

2.       Ali Rose: I have known this sweet rose bud for a few years now and I am forever grateful. I met Ali online, which I know sounds shady, but she has easily become one of my very best friends. Ali is always willing to laugh at herself (and make me laugh too), but even more importantly, Ali recognizes how flawed we all are. Ali has taught me to be gentle with myself and with those around me and how every day is a new day. Although she is younger than me, I look up to her so much. I sure love my Ali Bug.

3.       Alena: Alena was my roommate freshman year and I cannot get enough of her! I have the sweetest lil memory of Alena Rose, who, after hearing me go on and on about how much I hated myself, started crying and crying. She is such a tender soul, a sass master, and a beautiful human being. She is the queen of ugly selfies and friendship. I love being around her because I feel so loved and special and she just warms my heart!

4.      Melissa: If we wanna get technical, Melissa grew up across the street from my cousin so really, I knew her before Alena did… BUT I’ve become friends with Melissa because of Alena and we are just the three musketeers! Melissa is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met and she always is asking how I am doing. Whether or not she’s been through it herself, she can really feel for me and my struggles. She is such a beautiful daughter of God and I could just hug her for my whole life. I’m a little jealous that she’s marrying Matthew, but he can’t take away my best friend.

5.       Khadeeja: Khadeeja and I began our friendship just as anyone would: debating politics in the eighth grade. Though we differed on a lot then (and still a good amount now), Khadeeja has always been my most loyal friend. She is such an amazing influence to me when it comes to persevering and not judging others. We are able to relate in many ways and she has probably been one of the strongest female influences in my life. I love my forever friendship with this girl!

6.       Sloan: Sloan and I have known each other since kindergarten, but despite our mutual friends, we didn’t become close until like the 9th grade – this is one of my biggest regrets in life. Sloan isn’t just my friend, she is my sister. She has always fit in with my family, spent countless holidays with us, and been there through all of the hard times. Sloan is the most un-apologetically herself person that I have ever met. She is a hoot and a half to be around and most of my favorite memories are with her. She is an eternal friend.

7.       Alex: Alex and I met in fourth grade, grew apart in fifth, and came back together in sixth. Not long after, this sweet best friend of mine moved to Africa (or Florida, but let’s be real, it’s pretty much the same thing). In 2014, I saw her for the first time in over six years and it was a dream come true. Although we aren’t the best at keeping in touch regularly, I know that I can go to her with any problem or any happiness and she will be there right by my side (virtually) through it all. She is royalty, I swear. She is beautifully independent and strong and will always be my best friend.

8.       Vanessa: Vanessa is literally Khloé Kardashian. I’m not joking. She is so funny, loving, sassy, and kind. She’s just this perfect juxtaposition of all of the good things in life. She is always too willing to paint my nails for me and let me cuddle in her bed with her and back me up in everything I do. She is my gym buddy, my roommate, and an amazing woman. I love her!

9.       Ysabella: Marla is this funky, quirky, enigma of a woman. She is passionate about The X-Files (basically any form of media actually), hipster music, nutella, and female friendships. She is flexible but doesn’t let people walk over her and honestly I’m 92% sure she’ll be the President of the United States someday. Our friendship has grown so much in the past six months and I am forever grateful. I love Ysabella!

10.    Elena: Elena is my boyfriend’s mom, which I know sounds kind of weird, but I’m 702% sure that she is my soul sister. I have never met a person with more Christlike love to offer the world in my life (which I cannot boast the same characteristic, although she definitely inspires me to try). She is the perfect gift giver, hug giver, and encouragement giver. She is so amazingly empathetic and has a lovely tender soul. I sure love this sweet gal.

11.    Leann: Leann was my boss for the last year and I love her (and James) with my whole soul! They are literal #RelationshipGoals and are amazing at loving and uplifting one another. Leann is seriously the funniest person I have ever met and just seeing her cheers me up. She is kind of the “mom” friend that you have – which explains her nickname of Mother Duck – and I honestly hope that I can be as wonderful as she is some day. She teaches me to live with eternity in mind and be grateful of what I have.

Amidst the Valentine’s Day hype this weekend, don’t forget to thank your female friends – After all, Galentine’s Day is the best day of the year!

Yours truly,


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