What I've Learned About Life So Far

February 29, 2016

1. Animals are the greatest thing on God’s green earth: This is a fact. Like, if you look it up in an encyclopedia or something it’ll probably be there. I love animals more than probably anything (and yeah this kinda runs in my family). One time, I stopped liking a guy because he told me that he didn’t like animals. I’m serious. I can’t work with that. But animals are just these innocent forever babies. If they are mean, it’s because they were treated mean at some point in their life and were scarred from it. If they’re nice, which is usually the case, they are the nicest creatures to ever exist. Anne Frank thinks people are good at heart – well, I think little baby animals are. I’m getting emotional just thinking about this (have you ever seen baby goats in pajamas? Please google it).
2. I’m getting better at telling which friends will actually be forever friends: If only one person in a relationship is the one instigating things – conversation, hang outs, etc. – things will not work out. This is not to say that things can’t change, but they need to. It’s okay to fight with friends too. I’d argue that’s good, actually – being able to solve your problems and come back stronger. Don’t be friends with someone who won’t speak up when you’re upsetting them and don’t be friends with someone who won’t let you speak up when they’re upsetting you.
3. Butts aren’t as gross as I once thought: I never ever ever understood the appeal in butts. My thought process was always “that is where poop comes out of.” Well, that is true, but my boyfriend has a pretty cute butt and I know that it’s true love because I’ve never liked anyone’s butt.
4. Being on your period will always be the worst: 12 year olds, LISTEN UP. This will never change. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but periods are always inconvenient, gross, and headachey. One day, I was talking about HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME the uterus is, because let’s be real, it is pretty awesome. The next day, my period started, and I took it all back. I have a love-hate relationship with being a woman.
5. Nobody really cares what you do or what you look like: Seriously, people are way too into themselves to care about you. Like if you look cute that’s fine and dandy but it won’t make a difference most of the time. Except sometimes ignorant boys may say that you look tired but it’s not their fault that they’re never been told not to do that before. Maybe give them the hint to change.
6. The things you like will change: I used to hate mushrooms. I know this is a weird example but oh my gosh I love mushrooms mushrooms are my lifeeeeeee. I will not order a pizza without mushrooms now. I also used to love camping. In theory, I would enjoy it still, but I’m too scared of being mauled by a bear or attacked by mosquitos. I love being outside but sleeping under the stars does not sound very appealing anymore. Also, you’ll realize that stinky boys stink and you should not go after them. It’s all a-okay.
7. You will always be a nerd: I still click on every Harry Potter buzzfeed article. I shed a tear each time Snape dies (#RipAlanRickman). I most definitely get waaaaaay too excited to dress up in my Harry Potter clothes and answer trivia. Guys. It’s been like 15 years since I fell in love with Neville Longbottom and I’m still going strong.
8. It’s okay to like little kid things: So this kinda goes with the above, but I will forever want to see every new Disney movie that comes out. I will shamelessly drink out of my Tangled sippy cup in public. It’s okay to grow up and still wear fun colors and patterns and sing along to musicals. Do what you want, bro.
9. Kissing is fun: Along with butts, I also did really understand the appeal in kissing. Like, why would I willingly let someone spread their germs all over me? Well, friends, times have changed.
10. Exercise can be fun: Notice that I did not say “exercise is fun.” You just need to find what you like. Since like September, I’ve actually made an effort to exercise multiple times a week and it really, truly makes a difference. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.

Who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll look back at this and be baffled by how much I loved mushrooms. But for now, I’m just gonna do me.

Yours truly,

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