Give Cats a Chance

March 15, 2016

When God created me, He made me a cat person. He was just pouring in all of His personality options and – whether on purpose or by accident – I am pretty sure that 90% of my bowl ended up loving cats.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, and usually I just tell people I’m an animal person. Cats, however, have a very special place in my heart.

My mom is also an animal person, but dogs are more her thing. This may have contributed to my love for cats, but honestly I probably just came out of the womb dreaming of being a crazy cat lady someday.

One night, long ago, my mother had taken my brother to a Boy Scout thing at church and my father was left alone with me and my sister. We walked to the nearby grocery store, where, outside, was a shopping cart WITH CATS INSIDE. I’m not kidding (or kittening, if you will). I held one before we went inside and I just remember begging my father the entire time to let me take one. My Dad, being the gentle soul that he is, could not resist my cute 5-year-old nagging and finally agreed. I chose a cute tabby cat and me and my sister took turns holding Tiger on the way home.

I hope you're enjoying these awkward pictures from middle school.

Much to my mother’s dismay when she returned with David from boy scouts, there was a cat in our house and joy in my heart (that makes it sound like my mother did not want be to be happy but obviously that is not the case because she is my mother). I’m sure my parents went into their room and argued about that cat, but I was still able to keep it, so who even cares.

Through the years, I have had three cats and each of them holds a piece of my heart. One time I read this quote that said Heaven is a place where all of your old dogs come to greet you, but Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven for me without my cats there too.

I used to get made fun of for loving cats so much, which is kind of annoying right now because I think it’s cool and trendy to like cats? But like, I’ve always been this weird.


For those of you who don’t like cats, I’m here to tell you to give cats a chance.

I understand that you were around a cat one time and it hissed at you (probably because you did something to provoke it), and yes, cats aren’t always seen as selfless of companions as dogs are, but they have hearts of gold. I think the reason that I like cats so much is because they are independent. They don’t need you, but they love you nonetheless. That’s kind of how humans are (at least that’s how I am) and I think that is the best kind of companionship.

This was a yearly occurrence where I dressed Fatty up for the 4th of July in a hat and tutu and walked with her in a parade. She won medals multiple times.

One time I was walking home from the Cannon Center and I saw a cat. Naturally, being me, I sat down and it literally just crawled into my lap. I kid you not, I stayed there for hours just petting the cat.

The cat, the myth, the legend.

Every cat in the world is my best friend, but Tiger, Annikan, and Fatty will always be on the top of my list.

Just as there are rude cats, there are rude dogs. If you haven’t seen Zootopia, go watch it!!!! Because we shouldn’t judge animals (or people) by their breed.

If you're anti-feline, just try to give cats chance (unless you're allergic???? then I'm really sad for you)!

Yours truly,

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