I Don't Want a Diamond Ring

March 06, 2016

Although I do enjoy sparkly things, there are multiple reasons why I have (recently) decided that I don’t want a diamond engagement ring.
  1.  Cost: If I am starting a new life with someone, we are probably struggling financially. Instead of buying a sparkly ring to place onto my finger, I would rather have that money used as a romantic gesture towards my student loans, a car, or a home. Or even our honeymoon! Seriously. $5,000 for a piece of jewelry (I know they don’t all cost this much, but still) could be spent on a lot better things. Also, why is it even fair that my fiancé would have to spend a bunch of money on me just to show me his love? Answer: it’s not.
  2.  Value: If you think about it, diamonds actually aren’t that valuable. Just walk around ring checking women, and almost everyone who is married has a diamond. That doesn’t sound valuable to me… Plus, I can walk into Sam’s Club (I just think this is funny lol) or any store in the mall and they are chock full of diamonds. If they are that valuable and rare, how come I can buy them just about anywhere? As soon as you walk out of a store with a diamond, its worth is cut in half. Not a great investment.
  3. Style: Honestly, I don’t know if diamonds are even really my swag. I would be pretty scared that I would somehow lose it or break it if I was wearing it on the reg. I just feel like I’m so casual and simple that I wouldn’t even want one. Plus, if I’m wearing sweats, would my ring make me look underdressed? Engaged and married ladies, please answer this for me, because I am genuinely curious.

Let’s also talk about how, if a woman has a larger diamond, we think that her man loves her more. This makes absolutely zero sense. There are plenty of poor men who love their wives more than rich men do, but they can’t afford a fancy ring. Materials ≠ love.
I’m all about those cute cheap pearl rings on etsy, or just a simple band or knot from James Avery. Seriously. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg just to show how committed you are to a woman.
Let me make this clear – I am not judging you if you do have a diamond ring. That’s great for you!
But we also shouldn’t judge women who don’t.

Yours truly,

P.S. Nobody can tell the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia unless they’re a jeweler.

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  1. Great post, starting out is hard for sure and asking your man to spend a couple thousand dollars on you can be tough because you need that for rent, books, tuition, food, etc. Trust me, i was so stressed but i tried to just enjoy the fact that he wanted to buy me something beautiful that i can wear everyday for the rest of my life with money that he worked so hard for.

    Then again not all rings are that expensive and a lot of ring stores in college towns have deals for you. I got mine half off just because i was a college student so it was only $2000 and that was the limit that my now husband had set for my ring. I was so in love with it and still am. I look at it every day and it makes my heart happy thinking about my husband and the life we have together and its not because it has diamonds on it, its because of the meaning behind the ring. Its all a personal choice whether you want diamonds or not.

    I went to many jewelry stores before i found my ring and when i saw my ring, i instantly knew that it was the ring that i wanted to wear on my finger for the rest of my life. So if you don't want a diamond ring girl, don't ever feel pressured to get one.

    -Alyssa Hunsaker

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  3. I love this. And you. And I’m totally with you. I knew I’d picked the right one when I told him I wanted a sapphire instead of a diamond and he said “oh, I already know.” Who knows how he knew that?!

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