Roommates or Best Friends?

March 17, 2016

Just look how happy I am.
Real talk: I had an AWFUL (yes I just used every form of emphasization (is that a word????) on that word) freshman year. I know, I know, everyone has a bad freshman year. Well, yes, but (although I’m biased), mine was arguably pretty bad. I had no idea how to talk to people, I had no desire to talk to people, and I thought that I had no people to talk to.
The only redeeming factor on my first year at BYU was my roommates. I often tell people, “I made no friends my freshman year except for my roommates.” I’m not just being dramatic; this statement is very much true (alongside my great RAs (another reason you should be an RA)).
I lived in three different apartments my freshman year. They will henceforth be referred to as:

Apartment 1: Blonde Savannah, Karis, Kaylee, Black Savannah, Alena
Apartment 2: Blonde Savannah, Annika, Scout, Jacie, Madie
Apartment 3: Kaylie, Elise, Kaylee, Amber, Alena

Apartment 1 was summer term 2013. Eager to leave Texas, I left for college a couple of days after high school graduation. Apartment 1 was where I met my forever friends Kaylee and Alena. Although I loved all of my roommates that summer, Kaylee and Alena are still my very close friends today.
Apartment 2 was fall 2013, when I moved out with Savannah. After no luck swapping beds in order to stay with Alena and Kaylee, we moved a couple of buildings away. My new roommates were wonderful, but this was probably the hardest semester I’ve had at BYU.
Apartment 3, in winter 2014, was when life started to finally pick up. I made more of an effort to socialize, I had seriously the greatest bishop in the world (pretty sure he’s gonna be an apostle someday but who knows) and my classes were actually seeming more enjoyable.

Apartment 3 was when I got to live with my best friends.

  • Kaylie is this amazing human being who loves puns, lets me (attempt) to play her flute, and sung me hymns every night as a lullaby. 
  • Elise is a sweet soul (which I probably corrupted) but she is such a sincere and genuine friend and she thinks she is awkward even though she's not that awkward and she just rocks. P.S. Counting down the days until she comes back to school.
  • Kaylee is my homegirl through and through, and no matter what either of us are going through, I know that we can count on each other. She also served in Uruguay which is pretty rad because that's where my mom is from and also I love her (Kaylee, but I also love my mom).
  • Amber is my best friend. She is also willing to adventure with me, hug me, and drive me places. If I could force everyone in the world to be friends with one person, it would probably be Amber, but I won't do that, because I want her all to myself.
  • Alena (who I already spotlighted on Galentine's Day) is a fashion queen that Facebook stalks people with me and puts up with all of my crazy. I sure love that girl.

I somehow won the roommate lottery that winter. All of the roommates that I had were AMAZING, but these five gals were are my best friends. I'm also way excited because I get to live with Alena Rose again this summer!!!!! And life is grand because Kaylee and Elise are both back from their missions!!!!! And Kaylie and Amber have always been here to deal with my antics and be my forever friends!!!!!
Honestly, I feel kinda sorry for any future roommates that I have because they will never meet the standard of friendship that I had in Apartment 3. I get really sad when I hear people having roommate issues (which is pretty frequently because I'm an RA) but I think knowing how great of roommates you can have makes me empathize with those who don't have great roommates.
I'm eternally grateful that for some reason God put the best people in my life.
Guys, please live with your best friends. Whether this means you are friends first and then roommates or you are roommates first and then friends, I hope that you get the chance to do it. There's nothing like coming home in the evening and laying down next to your best friend (this sounds like we're married lol) and just being happy.

Yours truly, 

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