My Best Friend Is Getting Married

March 30, 2016

I'd just like to start off by saying hi to Melissa and Matt because they're probably the only ones reading this since it's about them (although even Matt is questionable, but still, hi Matt).

If you've ever wondered what it's like to have your best friend get married, well, I'm here to tell you. If you haven't wondered, feel free to read anyways. If you haven't wondered and don't want to read, can you come over and do my laundry? Because that definitely needs to be done ASAP.
Melissa and Matt have a love story more romantic than most — they met on Tinder (this sounds like I'm being sarcastic but this both amazes me and amuses me and I couldn't be happier). Real talk, the first thing that Matt ever said to her:
And from there, their romance bloomed. Just kidding. But also not really because let's be real we are Mormons in Utah.
Anyways, flash forward like almost a year and a half. I get out from my boyfriend's birthday dinner and I look at my phone AND THEIR IS A TEXT MESSAGE WITH A RING??!!!?!??! I know, I was as baffled as you probably are right this very moment. Basically Matt was too excited that he finally had his hands on the diamond and he proposed to her and it was adorable and they are adorable and my heart was also breaking because um??? hello??? i'm adorable too???
Anyways. Like two days later I had ordered lingerie (is this TMI?) and other wedding presents for my #RelationshipGoals couple because I was too stinkin' excited (y'all think I'm joking but I'm 900% not and there has been lingerie hanging in my closet since December).
This very day, the 30th of March in the year 2016, marks SINGLE DIGITS until #MelandMatt are married. 9 days y'all. I'm internally and also sometimes externally screaming.

Here's the thing: it was pretty inevitable that Melissa and Matt would get married because they are both precious cinnamon rolls of people and a precious cinnamon roll of a couple. So I knew that it would come some day, but that doesn't make this whole process any weirder. Here are some of the biggest things I've cried (happy and/or) sad tears about:
  1. Melissa is going to be moving to Africa AKA 15 minutes away from me and I am vehicle-less so who even knows if she'll have time for me because I'm not as cute as Matt (but almost just as cute).
  2. Melissa isn't having bridesmaids but I'm too obsessed with her to not pretend that I am one so I will be wearing her colors and following her around all day in 9 DAYS!!!!
  3. Literally when I saw #MelandMatt's engagement pictures, I cried. I wasn't even on my period, dude. It just made me that emotional.
  4. I have this internal conflict of wanting to buy them a million amazing presents because I love them but also being a poor college student (who, like I just pointed out, cannot even afford a car, and no offense to y'all but I really want a car).
  5. I'm lowkey a little afraid that she'll never have time for me and that we'll grow apart (further than just those 15 minutes that we live apart) and I'll be a sad little puppy.
  6. MY HEART IS JUST SO FULL OF JOY THOUGH. I cannot express how much I love them together. I am very protective of my friends and I have been known to tell them if I don't like who they're dating (lol oops) but Matt is soooooo good to Melissa and he is just a great human being (and I'm also obsessed with his family lol).
  7. Melissa is starting to be a real adult and I am still car-less. And adulthood is scary because people get jobs and move and make married friends and I just want like 12 cats probably.
I literally have a counter on my phone of how many days left until our marriage (I say ours because like I'm just as important as Matt I think) and the smaller it gets the more panicked and happy I get. I think that the fact that Melissa is marrying such an amazing man makes this process a whole lot easier because I can easily force myself into their lives when I want to because we are all friends on snapchat. 
This is not to say that Melissa isn't great, because sorry Matt, I will forever love her even more than I love you. Melissa has been with me through just about everything the past three years and she just gets me. Matt, you are a freakin' genius for snatching her up while you can (but I'm still a little annoyed that I didn't get to first). I love y'all so so much if you didn't catch that already.

Basically, it's probably not the end of the world if your best friend is getting married, but maybe check back with me in 9 days because I will be an emotional wreck. Despite this, I am forever grateful for the examples of happy relationships in my life and #MelandMatt will always be my #1.

Yours truly,

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