An Open Letter to the Boy Who Didn't Really Want Me

April 20, 2016

To the Boy Who Didn't Really Want Me,
I wanted to be with you for so long and you knew it. I would have done anything to be your girlfriend and to make you want me too, but there is nothing that I could have done to make that happen. I cared so much about you.
After the last time we talked, I used to think about what I would say to you if we ever spoke again. I wanted to tell you how you broke my heart, how you didn’t care about my feelings, and how you only “wanted to be with me” when it was convenient. I wanted to say how since I’ve known you, it’s always been about you and what you want and not about me. I was young (yes I know that all ended only like a year and a half ago) and stupid but I am able to recognize that now.
But honestly, I can’t say that I’ve thought any of that in a while. I have been dating the sweetest man in the world for over a year now. He treats me so well, is eager to be with me, and sacrifices his wants for my own. He is so selfless and loving and I could not imagine any better. He is what I wanted you to be for me.
Even if I wasn't with someone else now, I don't think I would miss you. I am honestly so sick and tired of people only wanting to be with me when it is easy and never making things work when it's difficult. I don't deserve that. Nobody does.
My purpose is not to make you feel worse. I want you to know that you are a wonderful person and although you made some mistakes, I don’t want to hold them against you. I don’t want you to hold them against yourself, and dwell on things that you did when you were young and stupid.
I don’t know how realistic it is for our friendship to continue where it was, and it would be hard to start things over. Just know that I don’t resent you anymore. I really don’t. But I also don't miss you.
Yours truly,

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  1. I love this so much. Same thing happened to me! So grateful that I waited for what I deserved. My sweet husband told me when we were dating that "you deserve to be adored by me and I deserve to be adored by you." And that is the best advice. Life is SO MUCH HAPPIER when you choose to cherish each other. ❤️