For Eternity

April 09, 2016

Yesterday, my favorite lady got married to her favorite gentleman for all of time and eternity. I got to hold just about the cutest little baby while the sealing was happening inside of the St. George temple and play Star Wars with four little boys (this was simultaneous; I think I deserve an award).
When Matt and Melissa came out from the temple, I was sobbing as one would when their best friend walks outside as a married woman. Fortunately for me, the photographer was taking pictures of this whole thing (obviously) and when Melissa and I were hugging my face was facing the camera and the sun while I was crying in Melissa’s arms. Can’t wait for those really attractive pictures to come back (this is all sarcasm but I realize it is a tender moment so yes cute but also hideous).
We took some group pictures and then I forced myself to get some one-on-one pics with the HAPPY COUPLE because obviously I’m just as important as them on this day (this is entirely a joke but I did it for the Instagram YOLO).

And of course individual pictures with my beautiful bride:

And we can't forget McMelena:

The reception was so fun and beautiful too and they both have amazing families. #InLawGoals
Melissa looked so so so so so so so so beautiful and perfect and ANGELIC and I wanted to cry all day long because she was just so so so happy. I love Melissa and Matt so much, and here's to a happy eternity for the both of them!
Yours truly,

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