I Have No Talents

April 03, 2016

Growing up, I always felt a little off because I didn't have any talents. I mean, obviously there were things I was okay at, but nobody looked at me and said "Wow, McKay, you're a GREAT singer." This of course does not stop me from singing incredibly loudly often anyways, but I've never been the athlete, the musician, or the artist. I wasn't talented.
I don't think it was really until college where I could tell people what my talents were:

  1. I'm like crazy good at forcing people into friendship with me.
  2. I'm a good leader.
  3. Animals LOVE me (except chinchillas)!!!!
  4. I don't really care what people think about me.
  5. I drink lots of water.
  6. If you ask me to take a picture of you, I'll take a butt ton and you'll have so many options it's insane (sorry if you have no phone memory lol oops).
  7. One time I tried to take a flower from on campus but I accidentally pulled out the whole plant from the ground so I just took it home. Plus I haven't killed the cactus I've had for like two years now so what I'm gathering from this is that I'm a great gardener.
  8. I have beautiful handwriting.
  9. I'm like the funniest person ever (this is debatable but I think I'm funny so based off of #4 that's all that really matters).
  10. I can drive stick shift.
  11. I look pretty cute in glasses - which by the way can we talk about the fact that before women get makeovers in movies they wear glasses and afterwards they don't? Exhibit A: Mia Thermopolis. Exhibit B: Toula Portokalos. Why do glasses mean ugly???? FALSE
  12. I know every word to every Andy Grammer song ever.
  13. I know every word to every Spice Girls song ever.
  14. I feel like I'm really good at including people.
  15. I'm really good at finding the right lemon-pepper to spaghetti ratio.
So like obviously none of these are talents such as singing, dancing, sporting, etc. but I am 190% okay with that. Because that's just who I am and I know that in job interviews, when I'm asked my weaknesses, I can talk about the time a chinchilla bit me on the nose (just kidding but this really did happen and I'm still traumatized). But when I'm in a job interview and I'm asked about my strengths, I know that I can talk about how dedicated I am, what a great leader I am, and my mad gardening $killz. 
So for everyone who is really good at singing or football and isn't pursuing it for a lifetime career, joke's on you because I can use my talents 5ever and yeah, you may have gotten that dance solo in 5th grade but I can force people to be my friend so who is the real winner here? (Answer: me).
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to be like everyone else. There are so many things that you can be good at in this world, and even if you're not good at them, there are so many things that you can enjoy doing in this world (like me and singing). So go forth and do them.

Yours Truly,

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  1. You are one fantastic girl! Great post, McKay :).

  2. Love this!!! It's sooo important to occasionally sit down and remind yourself what makes you unique! I want to force my beehives to do this! 😁 .,.PS #6 is gold!! I need someone like that in my life haha