Tangled vs. Frozen

April 06, 2016

I have a feeling I'm about to make a lot of people angry with this post (I'm also already getting too excited writing it)... Here's the thing, friends: Tangled is infinitely better than Frozen. I'm not saying that I hate Frozen, because I absolutely do love it (I have a stuffed Olaf it's fine), but I'm kinda over the hype and especially over people forgetting how AMAZING Tangled is (mostly because it's 57x harder to find Tangled paraphernalia since Frozen has come out, and yeah, I'm bitter about it). So here's a somewhat comprehensive list of just why Tangled is better than Frozen:
I went to Disney for the first time when I was 19 and I met Rapunzel and I cried. This is mostly weird because 1) I was 19 and 2) I didn't grow up with Tangled because it came out when I was like 16.

  1. From the beginning, you have such an emotional connection to the story of Tangled. Our loving Flynn is narrating, and tells the story of poor baby Blondie being unknowingly given powers and stolen from her cute lil family. Also, you're like, uhm WHAT this guy has a hot voice (and we haven't seen him yet) and he's gonna DIE??????? We don't even really get an emotional connection to Anna and Elsa when their parents die, but there is so much pity and love for Rapunzel's parents when her Mom is dying and when they are missing their baby girl.
  2. We all know that Maximus is the best Disney character ever. Seriously. C'mon guys, he's a horse, but he's like a dog!!!! He doesn't even talk but he's so cute and yeah that's all I have to say about that.
  3. Rapunzel is so relatable, at least for me - She is shy and anxious but at the same time she wants to explore the world, and if she has to do that on her own, she will. She's stubborn, beautiful, and she's just so pure.
  4. Because frying pans, who knew, right? 
  5. I See the Light is the most romantic Disney song that has ever been written. Like don't tell me that you didn't watch that and immediately want floating lanterns and a boat and to hug a cute boy and sing a duet together (and I can tell you at least the singing a duet together is just as amazing as it sounds).
  6. Let's be real though, all of the songs that are in Tangled are classic. I've never met someone who has seen Tangled that isn't obsessed with I've Got a Dream.
  7. Mother Gothel is probably the freakin' scariest and greatest villain that Disney has ever made. Okay, that is a bold statement, but she is definitely a better villain than Prince Hans, and let's be real, her death in the end is extremely terrifying and it's just like WHOAH did Disney just do that? Yes, yes they did. 
  8. Rapunzel doesn't even know that she's a princess, and as the story unfolds you're like WAIT. WAIT WHAT. And even when she does find out her identity and heritage, she is still the same woman that she has always been: loving, innocent, graceful, and grateful.
  9. THIS IS SUCH A FEMINIST MOVIE. I would argue that it's the second most feminist Disney film (following my second fave, Mulan). Where Frozen shows that men aren't necessary, Tangled shows that men and women are equal (the true meaning of feminism). Rapunzel and Flynn have such an amazing dynamic and are able to keep up with each other throughout the whole film and your soul just CRIES because they're perfect on their own, but even more so...
  10. They're perfect together. Rapunzel and Flynn are a power couple. It's so sweet seeing how Flynn softens the longer he spends with her, and how Rapunzel comes out of her shell the longer he spends with him.
    Yes, my boyfriend and I absolutely did dress up as Rapunzel and Flynn for Halloween last year.
  11. And this is the biggest thing: Flynn Ryder, AKA Eugene, is quite frankly the hottest Disney prince. I've never met anyone who does not agree with this statement so if you don't, you're wrong. Eugene is charismatic, charming, AND realistic. He questions when characters sing, when Rapunzel's hair glows, and he's sassy as h*ck. He's not the normal Prince Charming - he was a thief and an orphan but Rapunzel's love changes that all (well I guess not the orphan part (unless you count in laws (P.S. have you seen the short when they get married?))). Plus, he literally DIED for Rapunzel. He loved her so much, that even when she was willing to give her life for his (which once again, power couple), he wouldn't let her. 
So like I said, please please please do not hate on me because of my (correct) opinion. It's not my fault that I've seen the light (haha, like at last I've seen the light, get it, the song, I'm funny) and you haven't. Also, it doesn't matter what you say because I will never change my (correct) opinion.

Yours truly, a girl way too obsessed with Tangled,

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