That's Embarrassing

April 10, 2016

I know that everyone says that they're awkward, but I'm about to provide you with an unedited, very public list of just some of the embarrassing, weird, and awkward things I have done in this lifetime (compiled by me with some suggestions from those who have known me through it all):

  1. Just this past Friday, I was riding in a car with my dear friends Hannah and Alena. I looked over and saw a man staring at Alena because she's hot and I said, "Alena that guy is checking you out." Hannah and Alena simultaneously turned to stare at him and wanted to kill me because I didn't (get the chance to) say that he was a creepy looking man and not to look. So good thing we aren't dead but it entirely was not my fault.
  2. Once I used someone's toothbrush and I didn't realize until I was done brushing my teeth so I just put it back and never said anything.
  3. I have no recollection of this, but when I met Andy Grammer, apparently I yelled "OH MY GOSH." So if you ever see me, ask me to re-enact it because some girls in front of me at the concert later that night were talking about the embarrassing girl that yelled "OH MY GOSH" and Melissa informed them (and me) that I was indeed that girl.
  4. Speaking of which, before I came to BYU, I discovered Andrew Hales, a YouTube prankster who often films in Utah, and quickly became obsessed. After less than a week of attending school in Utah, I ran into him filming on campus, and yelled "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP" among saying other embarrassing things. Here's the video, enjoy (this was not the only time I've been in an Andrew Hales video btw, just the first).
  5. I only went to EFY once (this story is not why, although it probably should be) and on the first day, I quickly learned everyone's names. I wanted to show off this amazing feat that I accomplished in probably an hour so my counselor had me go around the circle as she pointed to random people and I shouted their names. Naturally, when we came to Landen, I yelled "LEBANON!!!!!!" all excitedly and proud. Honestly, where did that even come from? Lebanon is not a name, nor does it really sound anything like Landen. Well, for the rest of the week, he got called Lebanon anyways. Oops.
  6. Beyond 5. I'm not going to go into detail on this one right now, because it honestly will need its own post. So be looking forward to that.
  7. I am a very firm believer in asking people out in person or at least via a phone call for a date. Well, after going on a date with a guy, he dropped me off, went home, and texted me asking me to be his girlfriend. I very harshly said "Maybe if you ask me in person." I felt bad and let me tell ya, that's not a great way to start off a relationship. Poor kid.
  8. One time I was too lazy to shave my legs so Sloan did it for me. 
  9. I feel like this in actually just becoming creepy things that I did, but in 9th grade, Khadeeja and I wrote out and illustrated a book - I think it was about Evan but honestly I have the worst memory - and gave it to this Evan character.
  10. One time I was on the treadmill at the gym and I looked over towards a mirror to check myself out and this guy thought that I was checking him out. Wrong.
Good thing I have this supernatural ability where I don't get embarrassed, otherwise this could be really, well, embarrassing. I'm serious though, this isn't hard for me to write or anything, because I tell people these stories often and I have no shame. I hope they brought you some sort of joy. Bless up.
Yours Truly,

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  1. i'm lowkey embarrassed to be linked to number 9 but i was very involved so i guess it's not too bad :)