Dear Future Husband,

June 06, 2016

Here's a few things you'll need to know if you wanna be my one and only all my life.
I like flowers a lot. I can't grow them, even if my life depended on it. The only plants I've managed to keep alive are a cactus and some succulents. But I love flowers. Especially yellow ones. Sunflowers will always be my favorite, but daisies and yellow roses are nice too. Honestly, I love them all. If you get me them out of the blue my soul will smile.
I don't cry a lot because I'm upset, so if you see my crying and it has nothing to do with watching a movie or reading an article about a stray dog, then I'm probably very upset. I do cry very easily when it comes to sappy movies or the Harry Potter series too, so you've been warned.
Animals mean more to me than anything. I will stop to pet every single dog that I see walk by. I will want to go to animal shelters and adoption events often. My soul yearns to help every animal in the world, and it's my secret dream to start my own rescue group.
Speaking of animals, I've always wanted to live on a farm. I want goats, and llamas, and geese. This probably isn't a very realistic dream, but if I ask to go to a petting zoo or to pick berries at a farm, indulge me. I grew up in the suburbs, but there is something so appealing about being on our own with animals and nature and simplicity.
I don't get embarrassed easily. I do get self-conscious of my body though. I don't like wearing tight fitting shirts, pencil skirts, or too much make-up. I'm a very casual dresser, but that doesn't mean I can't be cute (because I certainly am, as I hope you already know).
Like most 20-somethings, I have big dreams to change the world. I'm scared that I won't make a difference while I'm alive. It doesn't even have to be a big one, but I want to help people (and animals).
Money scares me. I've never felt like I've had enough (but who doesn't, right?). It's often a sore subject and when we get married, don't buy me a diamond ring. Take me on a nice honeymoon and put money towards my student loans. If you can afford that, I mean. If you can't, that's fine too. I understand, I really do. And obviously I love you and want to be with you regardless.
I think I came out of the womb with wanderlust. I want to go to Ireland so badly. Italy, Spain, England, Greece, Cambodia, and Thailand have always been appealing too. I like to go to the library and read travel guides to indulge myself in the only way that I can. I hope that you'll travel with me someday.
I'm a feminist. This doesn't mean that I won't wear make up or cook you dinner, but I don't take sexist jokes lightly from anyone. You may need to warn your friends about this. I will call them out if they say something is "gay" or "retarded" too. 
I'm pretty low-maintenance but I still like to be pampered.
My sister died. I still think about her a lot. It's hard. It's fresh.
I like avocados, tomatoes, goat cheese (actually any and all cheeses, and a lot of it), lemon (extra extra lemon), asparagus, and chicken. I don't like peanut butter or chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream. I'm pretty picky about sweets but cheesecake is always a safe and appreciated option.
I want a truck.
I love you. I really do. I don't want much in life, but I need to feel loved. I'm sorry if I'm clingy or depressed sometimes. It's not on purpose. I just like to feel secure and know where things are going. I love you so much. Thank you for dealing with me and for letting me write you way-too-many cute letters, hold your hand a lot, and Facebook message you funny links.
I love you. Forever.

Yours truly,

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  1. McKay, you're my favorite person. I love your posts. We are the same in so many ways.

  2. This is so great! I wrote many future husband letters and when you get him, you'll sometimes miss these days being free and not living with a boy, but you'll love your life even more. He won't make you happy, but he'll definitely make you happier.