I Am Mad at God

December 04, 2016

I am mad at God. 

And He is very aware of it. 
I yell at Him. I cry. I'm angry. 
And I think that's okay. It's good, even.
If I want to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father, I have to be true to myself and true to my feelings.
I love my friends and family, but sometimes we fight. Eventually, we make up. We hug. We love.
We are stronger than before. 
And that's how real relationships grow.
I want to have a real relationship with God, so I will be honest with him when I need to.
I ask Him why He took my sister away.
I ask Him why I have depression. 
I ask Him why I have anxiety. 
I ask Him why I'm single. 
I ask Him why racism and sexism and all forms of discrimination are still present.
I ask Him why my parents keep getting trial after trial. 
I ask Him why cheese gets moldy so fast, and I ask Him why Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up.
And I don't know why these things happen. 
I probably never will.
I'm angry. 
But I have to have hope. I don't think that we can suffer this much in life and not be rewarded for it. Life is HARD. 
But there has to be something good to come from it all. I wouldn't even consider myself an optimistic person, but I just have a gut feeling that things will work out. 

Yours truly,

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