An Open Letter to My Ex-Best Friend

September 21, 2018

To My Ex-Best Friend,
I'm sorry for ever hurting your feelings. Everything that I did and everything that I said was me expressing my love to you, even if it didn't seem that way. I'm sorry that we couldn't understand each other better and I'm sorry that you have such hostile feelings towards me. So many of my favorite memories were with you.
I just want you to know that I am still rooting for you. I hope you find your Prince Charming and he treats you better than you ever imagined someone could. I hope you are happy and you always get to be. I hope that the good times outweigh the bad ones in your life. And I hope that you learn to no longer hate me too. 
I'm not suggesting that our friendship can ever be repaired, but I know how difficult it is to live with hatred in your heart, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hope that in 20 years you can listen to a Taylor Swift song with your kids and tell them about the time we saw her in concert and we danced all night, and I hope that those memories don't have to be bad ones.
Things did not end well, but I'm not mad anymore. It happened. We weren't meant to be together forever, I guess. Not all friends are. But I don't hate you. I never did and I never will.

Yours truly,

Originally written February 2017

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