Valentine's Day Is My Favorite Holiday, Especially When I'm Single

February 13, 2017

I think we can collectively agree that Valentine's Day gets more hate than any other holiday. Like, it gets an irrational amount of hate.
People who are single groan about "Single's Awareness Day," and those in relationships rally around the fact that it exists solely for florists and chocolate companies. We'll y'all are haters. It's not like Santa Claus was alive when Jesus was born so where's the hate on Christmas??? Actually, you don't need to hate on Christmas either...but you get my point.
I personally love Valentine's Day and have realized in the past two or three years that it's actually my favorite holiday. Last year I had a Valentine, and this year I don't (unless you count my cat). Regardless, I'm still a happy little angel bumble bee pollinating love throughout my life. Yes, a good, healthy relationship will make you feel loved and appreciated any day, whether it's February 14th or not. But it's fun to have another reason to show appreciation to those that you love! And it's fun to be loved!
Wait for it...I even like Valentine's Day when I'm single. Honestly, I especially like it when I'm single. A couple of years ago I spent Valentine's Day in Arizona with my friend Amber and my brother. This year I get to be in Florida with my eternal best friend (not of the husband variety, just of the I-know-too-many-of-her-secrets-and-flaws-for-her-to-get-rid-of-me variety). I am oh so happy! Life is oh so good!
Yes, I am painfully aware that I'm single, but being single is fun if you let it be. You get to kiss how many people you want (not that I'm kissing lots of people, but also not that it's your business). You get to have cute boys buy you food. You get to sit in PJs and watch Music and Lyrics instead of dressing up just for an Instagram picture with a guy you've only been dating a month after going to a way-too-expensive dinner.
I bet you can find a reason to love Valentine's Day. It's okay to be sad about being single, but Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about being in a relationship — it's about being in love. It's about being in love with life, with people, and with yourself. So let's celebrate love instead of hating it (because that's pretty annoyingly ironic, if you really think about it).

Yours truly,

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