I Am Basically Taylor Swift: A Scientific Study

March 04, 2017

Taylor Swift and I are the same person. I'm serious. You want proof? Fine. Here goes:

  • She writes songs about stupid boys. I write tweets and blogposts. You don't want to break our hearts or we'll throw you under the bus in the most poetic way (I'm giving myself too much credit, but whatever).
  • At one point in our lives, we were both smitten by Tom Hiddleston.
  • We are both known to wear red lipstick. Not sayin' that I was the one who inspired her to do so, but I'm also not not sayin' that.
  • We both like the number 13. Taylor of course was born on December 13th, and it has always been her lucky number. Then there's me, who had a crush on a fellow 5th grader whose soccer number was 13. Close enough.
  • We love cats. And, our cats are spoiled beyond belief.
  • I go on too many dates, but I can't make them stay. So does she, according to Shake It Off.
  • We both have a love/hate relationship with Kanye West (although hers is arguably more hate than love as of now).
  • Speaking of musicians, we both unconditionally love Ed Sheeran.
  • We're cute blonde girls with a long list of ex-lovers. Or if you're referring to me, a long list of ex-almost boyfriends.
What more proof do you need?

Yours truly,

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