Reasons to Date Me

March 08, 2017

We broke up but he'd probably recommend me 10/10.
  • I am a female (great start!!!!)
  • You'll have lots of pictures of me and of us together to post to rub into your friend's faces how hot your girlfriend is
  • I'm pretty low maintenance and don't take long to get ready so you won't have to always sit around and wait for me all "Forever" by Andy Grammer style 
  • I know all the words to Hamilton so road trips would be a fun one-woman show starring me as everyone (and that's a lot cheaper than Broadway (although arguably a lot worse than Broadway))
  • I'm disgustingly sentimental and will write you lots of love notes and buy you presents you didn't even realize you wanted and it'll ruin any future relationships you may have (so you have to stay with me forever ha ha ha joke's on you)
  • I know the Hoedown Throwdown from the Hannah Montana movie
  • Parents love me
  • Dogs love me
  • I like Star Wars and LOTR and Harry Potter and we can fangirl together and it's been scientifically proven that I won't judge you if you cry watching a Star Wars trailer
  • I'm from Texas, so at one point or another you'll probably get to visit the greatest state that God did create
  • I'll call you out when you're being a chicken boy and that'll make you a better person probably
  • Chances are I like whatever music you like because I like it all (unless it's like hardcore rock lol then sorry we can't be together)
  • I'll be your gym buddy, meaning that I'll go to the gym with you and workout for like maybe five mins and then just look cute in my workout clothes until you're finished
  • I am cute with no makeup so if something happens in the middle of the night and I get interviewed on the news and turned into a youtube song remix, you won't be embarrassed of me
  • I can finish a box of food that says "family size" in one serving 
  • I'm tired 172% of the time so I'm always down to nap
  • When we hold hands, I'll do that thing where I rub my thumb on yours
  • Also, I'm an A+ back scratcher at church
  • I like literally all food, so we can go to any restaurant and I won't be mad
  • My mom says I'm cute and so does my best friend
  • I don't play games in dating so I'll text you back when I see your text and you won't have to worry if I'm mad at you or somethin'
  • I'll take you on dates and pay and it'll be fun and we can hold hands and be in love
  • I stay awake until you text me that you're home safe
  • I live near a Korean BBQ place
  • I'll call you cute names
  • You will get introduced to the beauty that is Jane Austen and it will be the second greatest thing to ever happen to you (me being the first)
  • I have a cat
  • I laugh at everything so you'll think you're really funny even if you're not
  • This includes laughing at my own jokes, so you don't have to worry about doing so
  • I'm Hispanic so if we get married and have kids someday, our kids can get scholarships and stuff
  • I don't like diamonds so we can just go on a great honeymoon instead of you buying me a fancy ring
  • I'll make you a killer mix CD of gross love songs that will give you the warm fuzzies
  • I like adventuring (as long as you take pics of me for Instagram)
  • I recycle
  • My car has a backup camera
  • All my friends will follow you on Instagram
  • I have a six pack...of soda (and if you're nice to me, I might share)
  • I only use Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips for my baking goods so they're high quality always
  • I'm good at making lists
  • Please?
Yours truly,

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