Where Is My Prince Charming?

March 05, 2017

My childhood best friend has a cute boyfriend that I like to pretend is mine. My Utah best friend is married. My online best friend is in love. I want that. Where is my Prince Charming?
I have relationship envy. I've been feeling a little (a lot) lonely lately. I try hard in dating — probably too hard, to where that's the problem. I always put myself out there and it never works, so maybe someday I'll learn. I probably never will though (I'm stubborn like that).
I've been out of my previous relationship for four months now. I know that four months is next to nothing, but I've grown a lot since then and I'm eager. I miss having a boyfriend. I miss telling someone to bring me Cupbop when I don't want to leave my apartment. I miss having someone to cuddle with and cry to and annoy people on social media with pictures of. I miss holding hands and feeling like I would always be supported. I miss spoiling someone and knowing that maybe just a bit of their happiness depended on me.
I'm not trying to be bitter, and I know I'm only 22, but if God wanted to let a cute guy effortlessly fall into my life (even if it's through tinder), I wouldn't be mad. Where is the boy smitten with me from the get-go? Where is the one initiating it all and excited to see me again? Hello, are you out there? It's me, your pretty, cat-loving, movie-crying future love. I'm ready for you. I'm ready and excited. I want to give you happiness and play with your hair and make you frozen pizzas. It's about time we fall in love.

(Not-so) patiently waiting and yours truly,

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