Why I Blog and Why I Don't Care What You Think About That

March 07, 2017

In February, I visited my best friend since fourth grade who lives in Florida (AKA basically Africa). Alex is also a blogger. I was there two whole weeks and a few days I ago, I realized that neither of us really blogged when we were together but I think we've both posted multiple times in the week we've been apart. She pointed out that blogging is such an outlet, and now that we're painfully aware how depressed and lonely we actually are (because we're best friend-soulmates and are happy little potatoes together), we have a lot of venting to do.
I know that everyone and their dog has a blog, and yeah, I'd like to become famous and turn this into a career so I can hang out with my cat all day, but this blog is for me first and foremost. I'm glad you're tuning in because I have a lot of opinions I'd like to share with the world, but also if you think I'm annoying, you're right. Kidding. Sort of. Your negative opinions of my blog won't make me stop writing, and besides, I have a bunch of half-written blogposts on the notes in my phone and I can't let those go to waste.
The older I get, the more I realize how bad my memory is. If you reference an inside joke from more than like a year ago, chances are I'll vaguely remember it. I've started writing down random memories that I have because I'm so scared of forgetting — because I know that I will forget. My life before college is mostly a blur. So in a way, this blog is my journal — mostly because I'm too stubborn to actually journal most of the time, and also because I like the attention and I think I'm funny.
So #sorrynotsorry for being another wannabe Mormon young adult blogger, but also you're reading this for whatever reason so I gotcha good.

Yours truly,

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