If I Could Mail a Letter to Heaven

April 08, 2017

Today is a year and a half since you left. If I could mail a letter to heaven, I'd tell you what has happened since:
Two new Star Wars movies have come out. I hope you get to watch them up there, and maybe even with Carrie Fisher sitting in the seat next to you. A new Harry Potter movie came out too. Seriously, they better have like an Alamo Drafthouse-style theater for y'all.
One Direction broke up (I think????). Harry Styles cut his hair (I think???? (I kinda stopped paying attention to them after you died (and after Zayn left))). You missed out on all the Hamilton hype (which I am very much still hyped about) so I hope you get a chance to listen to it.
I graduated from college. I wish you could be here when I walk in a few weeks. David and Mom and Dad are all coming. And I wish you could meet Fonzie. You would love him (even if he's a brat).
I'm your age now, or the age you were when you left. I worked my first grown up job. I went to Disney World and Comic Con (I met Weird Al). I also met a new boy. He writes music and I think you would've really really liked him. I kinda do too. Donna is pregnant and so is Kyle's wife. I still feel like a kid, so that blows my mind. I wish you could be here to see it all.
It's scary to think that it's been just eighteen months and so much has happened. I don't want to think about how many more things will happen down here that you'll miss out on. I'm always thinking of you. We all are. I'm trying my best not to forget anything.
I love you. And I hope you're doing okay.

Yours truly,

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