You Can't Overuse "I Love You"

April 09, 2017

You know when you're sitting in church and they're saying the closing prayer and the person is like "help this nourish and strengthen our bodies" and you're thinking like, God can perform whatever miracles He wants but I don't think He's gonna make that seminary donut become magically nutritious. That is because most of the time, when people pray and say "help this nourish and strengthen our bodies," that is a vain repetition. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about saying that, and on the flip side, it's good to say that if you are genuinely meaning it.
You can't overuse "I love you." I think it follows the same rule as asking God for something to "nourish and strengthen your body." There is nothing wrong with telling someone you love them a lot as long as you mean it every time that you say it. You can never tell someone that you love them too often. In my opinion, it is something that people will always need to hear. It does not necessarily lose meaning the more often you say it, unless that is the mindset that you are in. If you genuinely express your love, there is no vain repetition of it.

Yours truly,

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