My Biggest Flaws

August 14, 2017

You know when you're in elementary school and a student in your class called your teacher "Mom"? How embarrassing for them. Yeah, I was that kid. And it was my MALE third grade teacher I called "Mom".

I cannot cook rice. I'm serious. No matter what I do. Can't do it on the stove or it's too crunchy. Can't do it in a rice cooker or I burn it (true story, still don't know how this happened). Now I buy 5-minute rice and it still usually ends up a little soggy and watery. So if you love rice stay far away from me (unless you're good at cooking it, then hi, you're my new best friend, stay close to me always).

No matter how much self control I think I have, I cannot go to Target or Michael's without buying stationary. I have enough cards and envelopes to last me through the apocalypse. I also can't go to the post office without buying cute stamps, so I have those out the wazoo too.

I'm literally always down to watch any of the High School Musical movies. I don't see this as a flaw, but some may...

At any given time there's probably like 6 crumbs stuck in my hair.

I've only ever dated guys with J names??????? (Is something wrong with me?)

I am really bad at coming up with usernames. The only good one I ever had was nymphadoratonks on AIM in middle school. And obviously I didn't even come up with it. Don't even get me started on naming this blog (and the many times I have thought unsuccessfully about renaming it).

I'm really bad at singing but I love to do it. So it's annoying. Although I will say, it makes for fun karaoke parties.

I literally cannot plug something into an outlet unless I can see the outlet — the lights have to be on and it has to be in my line of sight.

Basically, I am very flawed. But good news: I still love myself. And you should love myself too.

Yours truly,

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  1. I love yourself too! Also. Naming things is my least favorite part of being a creative person. Like, I will write you six symphonies, but don't make me name any of them.