Rescuing Me

September 17, 2017

I just wanted to share an excerpt from what I said at my father's funeral:

When I was about Kindergarten age, my dad took me and Julian to Julian’s friend’s house for food and swimming. I didn’t bring a swimsuit so I just sat on the top step of the pool while Julian played with her friend and my dad grilled with her friend’s dad.
Slowly but surely, I made my way onto the next step without notice. And the next. And the next. Before I knew it, I was below the water, unable to breathe and franticly trying to get afloat.
I don’t remember much else from this day, but I remember that my angel in Khaki pants jumped into the water and rescued me. That angel was my dad.
Little did I know that this would predict the way the rest of my life would go; my dad would rescue me – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – over and over again during his time on this earth.
And I have a feeling that now, while he is gone from us physically, he will still be my angel and watch over me.

Yours truly,

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