Low-Cost Winter Date Ideas

November 26, 2017

Build a gingerbread house: I bought a kit for $10 at At Home, and it looks like Target has it as well. Jamison and I had a lot of fun doing this! The kit came with all of the candy needed and we used a few things I had in my pantry as well (coconut, marshmallows, and crushed peppermint) for the yard. We listened to Christmas music and and took turns being in charge of the frosting and the decorating. I haven't made a gingerbread house since middle school so I actually really loved this date night of ours.

Decorate a Christmas tree together: Jamison and I inadvertently went shopping for Christmas decorations at Target and I was honestly surprised how affordable everything was! We ended up getting a $15 tree (and they definitely had cheaper) and spent maybe $10 or so on a star and some ornaments. Again, we listened to Christmas music and we had fun trying to make our mini tree look balanced and bright!
Look at Christmas lights: Whether you go to Dearfield in P-town, TX or Temple Square in SLC, Utah, walking around or driving around admiring Christmas lights can be a great free winter activity! Top it off with a some Martinelli's and you've got yourself a date.
Bake a pie together or cook some soup: Making some warm winter food can be a good way to create something together! Find a recipe on Pinterest, go shopping together, and spend a couple of hours cooking, and more importantly, consuming.
Go ice skating: I know, I know, this is cliche. But the great thing is that you can pretend you're bad at ice skating and then your date has to hold your hand. Boys that have taken me ice skating: I'm not actually that bad at it. Guilty.
Watch a play on-campus: Want to do something inside and warm? Catch an awesome play put on by talented college students!
Have a hot chocolate bar: Hot chocolate doesn't have to be just marshmallows! Change it up: choose milk hot chocolate, dark hot chocolate, or white hot chocolate - or make a mixture. Use nutella, peppermint chips, coconut shavings (yeah, I reused my leftovers from the hot chocolate bar for our gingerbread house lawn, you caught me). Try caramel or Piroulines. The options are endless!
Go hot-tubbing: Worth it until you have to get out of the water. 

Now get out there and have some winter fun!

Yours truly,

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