Grief Is

December 06, 2017

Grief is walking by an old truck in the parking lot, wanting to take a picture and text it to my dad because it reminds me of "our" old truck.
But I can't.

Grief is thinking of how excited Julian would be to talk to me about Rey in Star Wars and what an amazing female lead she is.
But she can't.

Grief is knowing that my boyfriend and my sister are probably meant to be best friends in this life.
But they'll never meet.

Grief is seeing a man at the grocery store that is the same stature of my father and for a second, just a second, thinking it was him.
But it wasn't.

Grief is realizing that my family of five became a family of four.
But now it's a family of three.

Grief is knowing that Dad would have the exact advice I need to hear at this time of my life.
But he's too far away.

Grief is being consumed by how sad, unfair, and heartbreaking this life is.
But I'm not alone.

Grief is selfishly realizing that I have been given too heavy of a load to bear.
But I'm not alone.

Grief is knowing that my family is going through this together.
But we're not alone.

are not


Yours truly,

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