Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

April 26, 2018

1. I'm deathly terrified of sharks. I used to not swim in pools (and I still hate being in the deep end). This last year I went about waist deep into the ocean and that was a MIRACLE.

2. I was in JROTC in high school. Yep. I wore an Army uniform to school at least once a week, and here's the kicker - I was the highest position, "Battalion Commander," my senior year. Betcha didn't see that one coming.

3. I was a foreign exchange student in Germany. It was only for three weeks so don't ask me to like translate anything to or from German, but still.

4. I graduated college in 3.5 years.

5. I hate peanut butter. But I love almond butter.

6. I like sunflowers. And lemon. And just the color yellow in general.

7. My best friend has lived across the country for 10 years and I've only seen her twice.

8. I hate the color red except for red lipstick.

9. Tamales are my favorite food.

10. I used to shoot rifles competitively.

11. Yes, my glasses are all real. I've been wearing them since middle school.

12. I secretly want to be a roller derby girl.

13. I met Weird Al.

14. I love art and originally planned on studying art history. I have been known to go to museums and stare at Monet paintings and cry for way too long.

15. In the summers before I came to college, I would read an entire book every day (and go to the library about as often).

16. I'd rather read nonfiction than fiction. Hands down. Unless it's Harry Potter.

17. I'm not just a cat person! I claim to be an animal person, and although it's less advertised, I love dogs just as much.

18. I never went to Disney World or Disneyland as a child. Naturally, as an adult, I'm trying to make up for it so I've gone to Disney World twice and Disneyland once since I turned like 19.

19. Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess but I will admit that Tiana is the most beautiful and also the best.

20. I am a Ravenclaw.

21. I am the youngest of three.

22. I don't like mashed potatoes.

23. I don't really like jewelry except for sometimes earrings.

24. Every person that has ever cut my hair has been shocked at how tangled it gets so suddenly. I'll fight anyone who thinks their hair gets worse than mine.

25. I collect Tangled mugs. And postcards.

26. I don't consider a nap a nap unless it's at least four hours. Otherwise, you're just resting.

27. I planned my wedding to Neville Longbottom in the fourth grade (and designed a very cute and modest wedding dress for it).

28. I don't like Thor.

29. I don't really like cakes unless they're cheesecake, but in high school I used to make cupcakes like once a week and bring them to school to give out to my friends.

30. My favorite meat is chicken. The only meat I ever really buy is chicken. I'm also terrified of touching raw chicken or eating undercooked chicken and dying. It's casual.

Yours truly,

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