The 5 Rules of Loving and Cherishing McKay by Khadeeja

May 24, 2018

The following is a speech that my dear friend Khadeeja gave at our wedding reception. Being the vain person that I am, I want everyone to read her nice words and learn how to love me. Also I wish all of y'all could've been here for this because Khadeeja is a great public speaker and ad-libbed some funny lines (hopefully when we get our wedding videography back I can share a recording).

Good morning everyone! My name is Khadeeja, and I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful ceremony. McKay and I met 10 years ago as 8th graders at Wilson Middle School, and it seems insane that we share a decade of friendship. We’re getting old, my friend, but we’re also getting closer to figuring life out, so it’s okay.
I knew that I needed to organize my thoughts or else I would just word-vomit my love for McKay in a stream-of-consciousness disaster speech. That’s why I’ve taken inspiration from the blog queen herself - visit - and have written a listicle. I am going to share “The 5 Rules of Loving and Cherishing McKay”- this is mainly for your benefit, Jamison, but everyone can learn about this very important subject. I come with 10 years experience in this job, so I know what I’m talking about.
The first rule of Loving and Cherishing McKay is that you have to respect her thoughts, her decisions, and her voice. McKay is a deeply moral person who has strong opinions. She rarely does something without thinking it through, and she never says anything without considering the weight of her words. Always respect those traits, even if you don’t agree with everything she’s saying. I speak from experience - McKay and I spent the first year of our friendship arguing about who was going to win the 2008 presidential election. Our relationship was born in disagreement, but her willingness to listen taught me that it’s possible to love someone who differs in opinion.
The second rule of Loving and Cherishing McKay is that you have to treat Fonzie, her cat, like the King he was always meant to be. This isn’t really a rule, it’s more of a really strong suggestion. Animals and McKay go together like PB&J, or like… Jamison and McKay? Anyways, her love for creatures big and small is rooted in her endless capacity for compassion. If McKay brings home some random animal one day… let’s say a llama, for example… just smile and go to PetCo to buy some llama food, because that llama’s part of the family now.
The third rule of Loving and Cherishing McKay is to sing with her, whenever you get the chance. My favorite memories of McKay might just be us, sitting in the backseat of my mom’s old minivan, singing along to Hamilton or to McKay’s favorite Bollywood song, “Twist”. One of my very first memories of McKay involves her, doing the hoedown throwdown dance from the “Hannah Montana Movie” right outside of school while we waited for the bus. She loves music, and it’s one of a million ways that you can connect with her. Also, she has a really really beautiful singing voice. Sing with her as often as you can.
The fourth rule of Loving and Cherishing McKay is to always read her writing. When McKay moved away to Utah, I was terrified of losing my best friend to distance. Then McKay began to write - art history essays that she’d ask me to edit, social media posts for an internship - and of course, her blog posts. became a way for me to grow even closer to my friend, because she is open enough to share her thoughts and views with the entirety of the internet. Read her writing, Jamison, because it will give you access to her perspectives and perceptions, and it will open your eyes to the infinite lessons McKay can teach you.
The fifth and final rule of Loving and Cherishing McKay is to always remember that she is STRONG. Not just a Strong, although that is what she has become today, but strong like iron or unbreakable steel. McKay has always had an unshakeable-ness to her, even when life throws its toughest curveballs her way. I don’t know where she gets her strength… maybe she gets it from her amazing mom and dad, or her wonderful sister and brother. Maybe she gets it from her faith in God, or maybe it’s something innate within her. Even at her most vulnerable, McKay’s strength is ever-present.
I know this toast is a little bit long-winded, but I really want to express how happy I am for the two of you. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, and all the chips and guac you can eat in that lifetime.

Yours truly,

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