Girls' Camp

June 25, 2018

This past Sunday at church, many of the young women in our new ward bore their testimonies after returning from Girls' Camp. It brought back so many tender memories of my own, and reminded me of how amazing of a program Girls' Camp is.

The ward that I was in back home was fairly small, as far as young women went. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was the only Laurel.
But when I was a new Beehive and going to my first ever Girls' Camp meeting, I was introduced to a few girls from the 8th ward in our stake, and we became fast friends. I remember learning that they had 28 Beehives (not joking!!!!) at this time, and as one of like...two? in my own ward.

I spent year after year waiting for camp week to roll around.

I loved being that annoying first year who made everyone call me McKizzle (again, not joking, but I wish I was). I wore ugly basketball shorts. I learned how to french braid hair. I watched my sister make her own friends. I fell in love with the younger girls and loved showing them how exciting and amazing Girls' Camp could be! I even dragged Sloan along one year, who I think might've fallen even more in love with Girls' Camp than I did.

I got trapped in a canoe with Kirsten. I got a canoe trapped with Morgan. Basically canoes weren't my friend, but these ladies sure were.
I played "injured" on the first years' hike, where they just walked by and fixed their hair in my shiny sunglasses (nailed it).
I learned how to tie knots with twizzlers.
I got unbelievably sunburnt.
I saw my friend get stung by a scorpion.
I made crafts for my new friends.
I cried pure tears at testimony meetings as a young woman learning her faith in God.
And I proudly wore my camp shirt year-round.
Most importantly, I saw God's hand in my life. He introduced me to some of my very best friends. I was shown the beauty of His earth. I met other girls my age who showed me what an AMAZING, purposeful, and all-knowing God that we have.
I have such a testimony of the power of Girls' Camp. I am so grateful for the years that I was bale to go, the planning that was put in by the leaders, and the wonderful women who came (and stayed) in my life because of it. Here's hoping that one day I get to be a leader!

Yours truly,

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