My Favorite Places to Online Shop

June 21, 2018

I may or may not have an online shopping problem.
The good news is that through this, I have found some of the best online boutiques out there and I'm going to share my expert knowledge with y'all.
(The only place I'd rather get clothes from than these stores are my friends' closets.)

One Loved Babe

Y'all. I live and breathe One Loved Babe. They always have what you're looking for and it's always the best price around! Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how GREAT their prices are! I literally bought MY WEDDING DRESS here. The shipping is fast (and free!), customer service is great, and I would just love to own everything they've ever sold there.

Old Navy

Okay, I know y'all already know about this place, but I cannot even begin to tell you how many of my wardrobe staples are from here. My secret tip: I especially love shopping online because I can buy their dresses in long so they for sure make me feel covered and modest! I live in their linen-blend boyfriend tees on the weekend and in their pixie pants during the work week.


Am I the only one that is obsessed with Kohl's? I highly reccomend their graphic tee selection and especially everything LC by Lauren Conrad (I'm still obsessed with her after all these years, always). If I could choose one sole brand to own, it would be my girl LC's.


They have great sales! Their stuff is cute and bohemian! I look great in it! What more can you ask for?


The comfy, modest dresses you didn't know you needed in your life. Even better: they're priced well! Give me all of them. I have three and I'm having to resist the urge to buy about 432 more!


Woven Pear

The socks that dreams are made of (this is coming from a sock afficionado, y'all). I have too many "pears" but also not enough.

Celebrity Pink Jeans from Macy's

I always get compliments on my shorts because they're not knee length, but they aren't "hot pants"! They're all Celebrity Pink. Theirs are also the only jeans that I'll wear anymore because they're so dang comfortable (and stretchy, giving me all the heart eyes over here).

Kortni Jeane

Cute swimsuits. Good coverage. Beautiful patterns. Constantly getting new arrivals. I love love love. I know that Called to Surf sells some in-store if you are wanting to try them on!

Yours truly,

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