this is me

June 06, 2018

this is me.
i'm not the greatest friend in the world, but i try. i like to buy presents for my pals and send cute cards. mail is just my absolute favorite and i have way too much stationary on hand at all times and in all things and in all places.
i like group selfies and "photoshoots" and coming home from work to my meowing fat baby.
i eat mexican food a lot and swear by my crockpot.
i don't use snapchat for much more than the streak (silly, i know).
my sodalicious drink is a coconut lime dr. pepper, preferrably made by the best mixologost melissa.
i'm stubborn. i'm also sad a lot of the times. it's been a hard few years but i keep trudging on.
being married is fun because jamison and i get to have sleepovers every. single. night. (with fonzie of course).
i like flowers and i hope to someday be able to grow some without inevitably killing them.
i hoard tote bags and funky socks. i only like kettlecorn and although i hate peanut butter, i love peanut m&ms (especially in kettle corn).
i am very very very imperfect. i cry a lot. i have the office playing when i'm cleaning or cooking so i go through the series like twice a month. so yeah, i do know that you are referencing it.
i hate will ferrel and jim carrey. i just don't get the appeal.
i get songs stuck in my head and therefore stuck in yours too. i dance like an idiot in public and sing off key. i literally have no shame.
i love/hate my body. i keep gaining weight but i'm happier now with it than i have ever been before. i still have a long way to go.
this is me. makeupless, short-wearing, acne-prone, and happy. thanks for being a part of my journey on this earth.

yours truly,

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