If I Went to Hogwarts

July 26, 2018

It's our boy Harry's birth month, so I can write as many Harry Potter blogposts as I want.

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Muggle born, Co-President of SPEW, Magical creature whisperer.
House: Ravenclaw.
Favorite class: Care of Magical Creatures, closely followed by Herbology.
Patronus: Llama, previously a unicorn.
Quidditch position: Beater.
Favorite professional quidditch team: Holyhead Harpies, the feminist sporting team of my dreams.
Favorite candy: Jelly slugs, and an occasional peppermint toad.
Wand: Cedar, thestral tail hair core, 9½ inches.
Pet: Fonzie, obviously.
Favorite magical creature: Phoenix, niffler, bowtruckle, mooncalf, thestral, and one can't forget nargles.
Job after Hogwarts: Magizoologist.
Boggart: A great white. I'd riddikulus that thing into a gummy shark or something, I don't know.
Best friend: Luna Lovegood, the sister of my soul.
Mode of transport: Apparition.
Animagus: I would turn into a cat friend for Fonzie, of course.

Let's hear what you'd be like at Hogwarts!

Yours truly,

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