Let's Talk Bodies

July 20, 2018

Let me preface this post by saying your body is beautiful. If people tell you that you are too skinny but that's just how your body is, you are beautiful. If people tell you that you're too fat but that's just how your body is, you're beautiful. If you're just somewhere in the middle and you always will be, you're beautiful. I promise. If you are eating right, exercising, and taking care of your body, NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS, you are doing great.
If you don't believe me, send me a message. I'll tell you what is beautiful about you. Even if I don't know you.
I tried to choose my words very carefully in this post. I don't want anyone to come off feeling worse about themselves. I'm encouraging quite the opposite! Representation of all types is significant (it matters, everywhere, not just re: clothes) and it's amazing seeing companys that are doing better! Way to go, y'all!

Something That Has Always Bugged Me About Plus-Size Models:

I am so so happy to see more of what I'm going to call the "size spectrum" being represented in advertisements and media. But I also want to point out something: none of those plus-size models look like me either. I don't have an hourglass figure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'd say I'm somewhere between average and larger-than-average. Mostly, I'm just kind of lumpy. I have a stomach that is just waiting for someone to ask me if I'm pregnant (spoiler alert: I'm not). I don't have a tiny waist (at least not in comparison to the size of my hips) which is made even more apparent by my short torso. I'm just kind of...there. I'm normal. I'm not somebody who turns heads but my body does what I need it to do (at least most of the time).
But you don't see that represented much. It seems that models either are super hot with their flat tummys and skinny arms, or they're sexy and curvy, showing their tiny waists. Where my lumpy girls at?!
It feels like all of the models for Utah boutiques wear a size small (not joking, they usually say what size the model is wearing). But  h e l l o ,  my body does not look like that. That is not going to tell me what clothes will look on someone who is just average-sized.
It's weird living in Mormontown, Utah, USA, because people here do take good care of their bodies (I think (that or they just all have really good genes that let them weigh a lot less than me, and although I did have those genes, they mutated or something)). I don't know how they do it with Sodalicious and Swig everywhere, late-night warm cookie delivery, and sweet pork burritos that give me hope for Tex-Mex outside of Dallas, but they do. Sidebar: if you know how to do this, let me know, because I'd love to keep eating excessively cheesy Cafe Rio.
Body positivity seems so polarized: either you think big girls are beautiful or they're unhealthy and we shouldn't "accept obesity." There is no in between.
Enter me, stage left. I am pretty normal sized. At my current weight, my BMI says I'm overweight. If I weighed 10 lbs. more than I do, I'd be considered obese. Now y'all, I know I'm no fitness model, but I don't think I'm that big.
Yet I don't even need one whole hand to count the amount of girls my age that I know in Utah who weigh about the same as (or more than) I do.
And I don't know any models, Instagram influencers, or fitness gurus that look like me (if you know of any, seriously, let me know). This is not to say that hot skinny blondes are any less valuable, genuine, or deserving of following. They are! But hot normal blondes are equally valuable, genuine, and deserving of following (this is my plug for you to follow me). I'm all for following people (regardless of size, hair color, favorite animal, whatever) that make you a better person and help you love yourself more!

I'm not sure where I'm going with all of this but here are my requests that nobody of relevant significance will pay attention to:
  • Plus-size models don't always have to have an hourglass shape
  • Even if I don't seem to know many, there are girls in Utah who gasp wear a size L so let's maybe make sure that they know they're not the only ones by using models who show that
  • I know that some boutiques have started using racially diverse models, and I'm happy about that!!!! Outside of Provo, it's amazing to see Aerie using models with disabilities and illnesses as well - these are all real people that want to buy your clothes too, Utah! Show them that they're beautiful and welcome!!!!!
  • Stop commenting on whether other people are healthy or not - I was UNHEALTHY when I weighed 60 lbs. less than I do now, and yeah, I'm still unhealthy, but slightly less unhealthy, so take that
  • Why do you even care what people look like? Why drag someone down for not being what society tells them to be? JUST LET PEOPLE LOVE THEMSELVES gosh dang it
  • Women, you are all beautiful, just please please please take care of yourself and your body the best that you can
  • Someone buy me Cafe Rio
Yours truly,

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