15 Unique Gifts for the Ultra-Harry Potter Fan

August 16, 2018

Hint hint, if you love me, I'd like all of these too.

1. Harry Potter's or Cedric Diggory's Triwizard Tournament jersey, to cheer on your favorite Hogwarts champion:

2. A Harry Potter version of Clue, which we all know is already the best board game in the history of ever:

3. The cutest ever chocolate frog earrings, for the not-so-in-your-face fan:

4. A copy of Philosopher's Stone to show your Hogwarts house pride:

5. The Harry Potter BlenderBottle of your choice, for Butterbeer on the go:

6. A throw pillow to spruce up your place:

7. A Niffler to call your own (but hopefully it doesn't steal your stuff):

8. Your own Pickett, for a cosplay or just to dress up your backpack (because who wouldn't want a Bowtruckle?):

9. Spectrespecs, to make sure you can see the Wrackspurts:

10. The illustrated versions of the books, which you can just picture yourself reading to your someday-kids:

11. A Luna Lovegood pouch that's just as colorful as she is (and anything and everything else by Danielle Nicole):

12. All of the Hallmark Christmas ornaments. Bonus if they talk:

13. For the Harry Potter fan x shot glass collector:

14. Brushes for your friend who can do makeup that makes you believe in magic:

15. The Elder Wand, ready to cast "lumos" at the flick of your wrist:

Yours truly,

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