Skincare Secrets from a Girl Who Has Struggled with Acne for Too Long

August 20, 2018


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I finally saw a dermatologist at about 16 years old. Most teenagers get acne, but it seemed that my peers' skin was clearing up and mine still looked like I had just hit puberty. I'm 23 now, and even though my skin isn't perfect (I still get the occasional hormonal flare-up), it is amazingly better than it used to be. Some of the products that I use I have been using for seven years now and I swear by them. The best part is that I'm about to spill all of the beans for y'all!

I'm not wearing any makeup here - and you can see what a huge improvement my skin has seen!

The only facewash that I'll use:

Look, I have tried a lot (and I mean a lot, a lot) of facewashes through the years, and I still stand by the one that a dermatologist recommended to me seven years ago. The best part? It's a gentle makeup remover if you need that too!
It takes out all of the excess oil on your skin without drying it out too much. I don't like going through the day without washing my face in the morning with this fresh foaming cleanser.

You can find it on Amazon, here

Combo sunscreen-moisturizer, to use each morning:

I actually just started using this recently because we should all be wearing sunscreen daily (and I was very guilty of not doing so)! This moisturizer is perfect to use in the mornings because it's moisturizes after you wash your face, gives you sun protection, and it's for acne-prone skin!

You can find it on Amazon, here.

Moisturizer, to use each night after washing your face:

I recommend getting the cream with the pump - this will help to avoid contamination that could occur from sticking your fingers into the canister daily. CeraVe can seem a little pricey, but the stuff lasts forever. I also use it as lotion when any of my skin is dry, not just on my face. It moisturizers without leaving you feeling oily, and it really is unscented (unlike some "unscented" lotions).
You can find it on Amazon, here.

Curology, my saving grace:

I started using Curology about two months ago now, and I have been receiving compliments on the clarity of my skin more than ever lately! Curology is a personalized, prescription-skincare subscription service. You fill out a questionnaire about your skincare needs, current products that you use, etc. You submit pictures of your skin currently as well. As your skin changes and you keep them updated, your plan may change too!
I have been using prescription acne creams for seven years now, and nothing has made my skin look or feel better than Curology - and no, I'm not getting paid to say this.
Buy through this link to get your first bottle free, and pay only $5 shipping.

The following products are ones that I use on occasion.

Jafra Mud Mask:

The first time I used this mud mask - no joke - after I took it off, my parents and my brother all were shocked. Just in the 15 minutes of having it on my face, they said my skin looked so. much. clearer.
My dad even took a picture of me in the mask in an attempt to embarrass me, but joke's on him because I looked adorable. I use this maybe once every few weeks and my skin just feels amazing afterward.

Buy from my consultant, here.

Norwex reusable makeup removing cloths:

I've been using Norwex products for over a year now and I'm not stopping anytime soon! Love makeup wipes but want to reduce your waste? These are just what you're looking for! You only have to use water and the cloth, and you can just wash them and use them again.

You can find it on Amazon, here.

Let me know if you use any of these products! I'd love to see how they help you as much as they have helped me!

Yours truly,

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