Stop Combining Hogwarts Houses

August 22, 2018


Please consider this my formal request to stop the hybrid Hogwarts houses.
Our dear J.K. Rowling may have acknowledged Slytherpuff, but, as we all know, she often adds non-canonical information after-the-fact to the Harry Potter series. I mean, come on - she said that Neville and Luna don't end up together and we all know that they're the couple that makes the most sense (I will die defending this).
The Sorting Hat itself has been known to experience hatstalls - a term for a student who is particularly difficult to place. Take Hermione Granger, for example (she was almost a hat stall, but ran about 30 seconds short). We all know that she's the brightest witch of her age, and it's easy to be confused as to why she did not end up in Ravenclaw. Hermione herself, before being sorted, said that Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad, but that she'd prefer Gryffindor. Even Harry, who the hat struggled to place between Slytherin and Gryffindor, specifically asked to be sorted into the house of courage, bravery and determination - and so he was. Harry Potter showed promise with his potential for pride, ambition, and cunningness, but he himself held Gryffindor's characteristics higher than those of Slytherin.
This is not to say that Harry is lazy or even laid-back - we know that he went above and beyond any other Hogwarts student in his year. Harry was ambitious. But he was brave too! Just because your Hogwarts house may not capture who you are fully - as it shouldn't, because there are more than four types of people in the world - does not mean that you need to find a balance between your Hufflepuff loyalty and your Slytherin ambition. Having one quality does not cancel the other out.
If we're being completely honest, Helga Hufflepuff was probably the smartest Hogwarts founder. She accepted everyone, which, you know, makes sense, since there are people that don't think they're (or really aren't) brave or cunning or witty. Again, there are more than four types of people in the world.
You can be good at Quidditch (brawn) and also care more about your brains. You can be brave and still find it difficult to say "no" to people. Forcing 11-year-old children into a Hogwarts house and assuming that they have to completely let go of who they are if it doesn't match their designated characteristics is unhealthy nonsense. I don't think that's really something that the Hogwarts administration would push anyway - Hermione's intelligence was praised. Neville's loyalty was acknowledged. Arguably, none of the students were forced into being only who their house founder accepted. They all had a choice, they all had agency.
There may have been familial or other outside pressure, but given the example of Sirius Black - a pureblood with ancient ties to Slytherin house - you don't have to be who other people want you to be. You just have to work hard and be yourself. You don't need to combine your Hogwarts house - You're not a Ravenpuff. You're not a Slytherclaw. You are you, all of the characteristics that you are, whether you "fit the mold" of your primary house or not.

Yours truly,

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