Why Having Roommates Is the Best

September 20, 2018

In the four or so years that I lived in student housing, I had around 30 different roommates. Let me preface this by saying that not all of them were great to live with (and I'm sure some can say the same about me), but overall I think that living with other people as an adult is a great experience! In the six or so months prior to marriage, I had been living on my own (which I also loved and highly recommend that everyone does at some point in their life), and I often found myself missing roommates for a few different reasons.

1. Sharing Closets:
From what I hear, this is very weird and taboo for men to do (which seems silly to me, but whatever), but it was one of the best parts of living with other women!
Feeling down about yourself and new a need outfit to wear? There's a roommate's dress for that.™
Going on a date and got toothpaste on your tee right before you were leaving? There's a roommate's shirt for that.™
Your closet is full yet you have nothing to wear? There's a roommate's cardigan for that.™
(Please don't just go around wearing your roommate's things without permission though)

2. Every Night Is Girls' Night:
Feel like watching a "chick flick" tonight? Good news, you live with your ladies, so no need to coordinate schedules for later in the week! Put on Legally Blonde, be inspired by Elle Woods, drink some Martinelli's, and relax. You have everyone and everything you need.

3. Your Own Personal Beautician:
If you are as inept at hair and makeup as I am, there's a roommate for that! I came to college with a hairbrush and some hair ties, and maybe some mascara. That's still about all that I own, but I can't even tell you how many times I had my roommates straighten my hair for me, curl my hair for me, or put eyeshadow on me. The list goes on and on. I had one roommate who demanded to paint my nails for me because I was so bad at doing it (I'm not too concerned about "staying in the lines" when I can just clean it up with nail polish remover afterward, but whatever). As I am still fairly inept with hair and makeup, I miss having an expert with just a wall between us. Women are amazing!

4. Eternal Friendships:
Your college years are probably some of the most significant of your life - you're learning, you're growing. You're sort of an adult. Everything is confusing and it's easy to feel lost. You spend so much of your time with these people that they know you as well as - if not better than - your own family. These are the people that see you when you're losing it during finals week. You stay up late binge-watching Netflix together. You probably burn food in their presence. They just get you and have seen you at some of your worst and most embarrassing moments, but they still love you! I only made a few friends in college that were not my roommates, so these ladies made my college experience what it is. I wouldn't have survived without them, and when we get together it's like we're 18-year-olds with crushes on boys who don't know our names all over again.

I don't think any of my roommates were a coincidence - they were people that I needed to meet and taught me lessons that I needed to learn. I am grateful for all of them, even the ones who got mad at me for not rinsing out my applesauce cups immediately (oops).

Yours truly,

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