A Harry Potter Halloween — A Guest Post

October 31, 2018

Megan is a huge Harry Potter fan and has loved the books since she first got her hands on them
in the fourth grade. Because of this obsession, she has forced her love on her family making
them dress up as characters for two out of the last three Halloweens. Megan has known McKay
since McKay was two and loves her like a sister. She is very grateful to have the ability to write
a Harry Potter blog post on her site. Read more of Megan's writing at M. Pulsive Writings.

I had anxiously awaited Halloween this year because I was finally going to get to do my Golden Trio costume idea that I had been excited to execute since I married a redhead. So, when I had the power to rope my mom into dressing up into Professor Sprout and helping decorate our “trunk” in Harry Potter garb, I didn’t let the opportunity pass.

Every year my church does a trunk or treat where people will decorate their trunks and kids get to go from car to car to get candy. It’s a nice way for older kids to get more candy and younger kids to get the experience of trick or treating without parents having to go out on Halloween night with their toddlers.

Sadly, this fall has been extremely rainy in Texas so our trunk or treat got moved indoors. Instead, everyone decorated a doorway inside the church and the kids went from door to door. Not to be dismayed, we took to the door with our many supplies from the dollar store to deck it out in a Harry Potter themed doorway.

We started with black plastic table clothes both in the doorway and over the table. Although you can’t see it because my mom is in the way, there is a black web with a spider on it also on the door. Also, those white ribbons are holding “floating” candles. What Harry Potter doorway would be complete without them? Next to the door, we had a pinup of all the house crests. Lastly, on the table, we had our black cat bowl of candy (to represent McGonagall), a Hedwig-esque owl, two rats, and a stack of books that would make Hermione proud.

I had a blast decorating this doorway with my mom and getting to finally dress up in this long-awaited costume opportunity. Pro-tip for parents of toddlers, use eyeliner to draw the glasses on. Your toddler can’t take them off, meaning you won’t be worried, and they won’t get lost. Also, getting a temporary tattoo of the lightning bolt makes it easier to get a nice looking scar on your toddler's forehead.

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