A Wannbe Writer

October 26, 2018

I've never liked writing that much. I came to BYU with AP English credit that exempted me from Freshman Writing, but I was encouraged over and over again to take it anyway. Something about statistics showing that students who did take it did better throughout the academic career. I didn't care - I (my parents) didn't pay almost $100 for each AP exam in an attempt to save money on college tuition just to end up still taking the course and therefore spending $100 more than I originally would've. It's easy to say that I did my best to avoid writing like the plague throughout college. So how did I end up here?
Writing sort of runs in the family, I guess. My dad had been writing a book before he died and I know that he used to write a lot of poetry as well. My sister wrote well-read fanfiction and her English professor told her that he would always put her essays on the bottom of the grading stack so that he had something to look forward to. We all love literature, and I think it's hard not to want to write when you love to read like we do.
I don't exactly remember what compelled me to start a blog. My very first post was to honor some of the female friendships I had at the time because as your token feminist friend, I'm all about women loving and supporting each other. My sister had died the previous semester as well, and this blog quickly turned into an outlet for my pain and confusion. If you know me in real life, you know that I'm very opinionated, and Yours Truly, McKay has given me a way to share my views with people that are willing to hear them.
Now, I just can't seem to stop writing. I am currently doing an internship with the Harry Potter fan site, MuggleNet. I will also be contributing to the Healthy Humans Project. I have a couple of "chapters" of a "memoir" that I have written saved in my Google Drive. I have started making money off of this blog and I am seriously pursuing a career in writing - of whatever sort - now more than ever.
For me, writing has become an outlet. When things are going wrong in the world, I can share the good in my own life. When things are going wrong in my life, I can process them through these posts. When a new Fantastic Beasts film is coming out, I can talk about it non-stop here, in an attempt to spare my husband's patience. I don't get to see most of my friends and family that regularly, so this blog has almost become sort of a letter to them.
This is my life. This is my journal. These are my real, authentic, embarrassing, painful moments. So thank you, honestly, from the bottom of my heart for being here with me. Every time you share one of my posts, I get the warm fuzzies - not just because you're helping me pursue my dreams (which you are), but because I wrote something that you could relate to enough that you wanted to share it with your people. When you share my words, you are allowing me to be your voice, and that's an amazing feeling.

Sincerely, genuinely,

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