Things I Wish I Had (and Hadn’t) Done in College

October 11, 2018

At what point post-graduation does it become weird for me to still write blogposts about Uni?

Things I wish I had done:

  • Taken spontaneous roadtrips like you see in the movies - can confirm based off of people that I follow on Instagram that this is also a thing IRL
  • Taken advantage of the school's free student gym more
  • Flew home for more holidays - especially now that my living family is half of the size that it was at that time
  • Prayed a h*ck of a lot more
  • Taken floral design because BYU has like the only class anywhere near me...
  • Let go of people who didn't want to be in my life sooner
  • Gotten to know professors before my last semester
  • Done something exciting with my hair
  • Study abroad, study abroad, study abroad - even if money is a concern, study abroad. I regret it so so so so much
  • Met with a career counselor on a more frequent basis
  • Gotten a car sooner

Things I wish I hadn't done:

  • Rushed through everything, only taking required classes (most of which I didn't enjoy)
  • Bought a meal plan my freshman year
  • Worried so much about boys, dating, love, marriage
  • Lived in on-campus housing past my sophomore year
  • Spent so much time watching Netflix, rather than making real friends and real memories
  • Spent so much money on clothes that no longer fit me
  • Worried so much about what life after college would be
  • Only worked on-campus - I love higher ed but that's most of what my experience is and so I'm still working at a University
  • Had a 3.5 year long existential crisis
  • Fallen in love with every single boy who talked to me (I'm being only sorta dramatic)
  • Let anxiety and depression rule every aspect my life
  • Been bitter about everyone who hurt me and about everything that always went wrong

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