What Feminism Is & What Feminism Isn't

October 12, 2018

  • Women having access to the same opportunities as men.
  • Women having the choice to do what they want - with their health, with their relationships, in regards to parenthood, with what they wear.
  • Ending double standards, like a man is a "boss" but a woman is "bossy."
  • Fighting toxic masculinity. It's allowing men to show emotion, to be interested in fashion, to do the things that they are normally shunned for because they are "traditionally feminine."
  • Exposing rape culture & starting by believing. Understanding that most (around 90%) victims know their attackers and a quarter of women will experience sexual assault.
  • Recognizing the gap in pay between genders and the lack of women in boardrooms, even when there are talented, capable women who are seeking those positions.
  • Striving to create a world where women can jog alone, where they aren't asked what they were wearing when attacked, where they don't have to relive and recount their traumatic experience just to be taken seriously.
  • Knowing that men can be victims of domestic abuse, of sexual assault, of rape too.
  • Telling little girls that they can be anything they want to be, and meaning it. Yes, they can be pretty, but they can - and will - be more than that.
  • Holding males and females to the same standard of maturity, of responsibility, and of actions always. Boys will be boys held accountable for their actions just like girls.
  • Not forcing gender stereotypes onto children, because girls can like trucks and boys can like pink. Who cares?
  • Recognizing that a woman can be feminine and still be feminist. A woman can strive to be a stay-at-home mom and still be feminist. A woman can enjoy being a homemaker, but she shouldn't be forced into that role.

  • Allowing women to be smart, strong, and successful, and not being intimidated by that.
  • Helping women love and support each other rather than pinning them against each other, especially when in regards to the attention of men.
  • Ending comments like "you're funny for a woman" or "you're smart for a girl" or "you're athletic for a lady."
  • Having men and women act as equal partners. Your husband doesn't ever "babysit" his own children.
  • Representation for half of the world's population (AKA women) in books, in politics, in businesses - in everything.
  • Caring about and providing for a woman's future and a woman's potential as much as a man's.
  • Including roles for women, particularly in film, even when they've aged "beyond their use." Think of all of the Meryl Streeps we are missing out on!
  • Applying school dress codes to both men and women (I'm looking at you, BYU).
  • Fighting to end the extra taxes on pads and tampons, because FYI, they aren't a "luxury item."
  • Making women better/stronger/more powerful than men.
  • Exclusive to white, cis-gendered women.
  • Exclusive to women at all.
  • A dirty word.
  • Hating men.

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