Lessons Learned From All the Boys I've Loved Before

November 12, 2018

Like Lara Jean Covey, I too have "fallen in love" with my share of boys. Rather than writing them love letters that I'll never send, I'm just here to reflect on what these "loves" of mine taught me - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The 6th Grade Crush

Don't even worry about him saying you're ugly. He's not going to age well, just trust me.

The Jerk from High School

Don't fall in love with a jerk. Trust your friends when they point out red flags. Don't let anyone (especially a boy) make you feel small and unpromising - this one did, and he still works at the local grocery store and dropped out of college.

The Freshman Year "Fling"

Don't chase after someone that doesn't really want to be with you. You are worth more than some chicken boy who talks the talk but sure as h*ck doesn't walk the walk. You should never be a second choice, a backup option, or someone who is just there for when it's convenient. Learn to forgive, but don't keep people in your life who don't deserve it. You don't owe them anything.

The College Relationship

Find someone who respects you and sees you as an equal. At the same time, learn to recognize when things aren't working and even more importantly, be willing to let things go. Just because two people are in love does not mean that they are meant to be together forever.

The Husband

Be open to love, no matter who has hurt you in the past. Go all in. Find someone who will take care of you when you can't take care of yourself. And do the same for them.

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