My Seasonal Footwear Must-Haves

February 27, 2019

Like most ladies, I love shoes. They are one of the few (clothing) items that I'll splurge on because I believe that having high-quality shoes is important for both comfort and durability. Because of this, I don't own as many shoes as I used to, but I am very passionate about some of my favorite footwear brands and some styles in particular.

The Winter Staple: Børn Booties
In the winter, I typically only wear one or two pairs of the shoes that I own, and my primary choice is my Børn Binghamton Moto Booties. After wearing them near-daily during the fall and winter months for over two years now, they are just barely starting to get a little worn. I've always been comfortable, warm, and cute in my Børn booties and I absolutely love and recommend them!

The Spring Staple: MIA Sandals
Check out that sole - a platform sandal that is as comfortable as a pair of sneakers? Sign me up! There are a few MIA sandal styles that are fairly similar, but the MIA Abby Sandal will always be my favorite. These are perfect for spring walks or Disneyland visits!

The Summer Staple: Saltwater Sandals
These are not just for your little babe! These sandals are easy to slide on when you're on the run, gentle on my flat feet, and so versatile! You can wear them with jeans, shorts, or a dress, and still look perfect! Gimme all the colors, please!

The Fall Staple: TOMS Wedge Booties
Believe it or not, these may be the comfiest shoes that I own. They're so comfy that I bought them in three different colors (thank you, Poshmark!). I'm not a huge fan of heels (even wedges), so when I recommend these, I do NOT say that lightly. You need TOMS wedges!

Do you own any of these or plan on trying them out? Let me know in the comments!

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